Our Work
We secure and service sport events, mainly bicycle races.

Races include: Skoda Tour de Luxembourg, the Hamburg Cyclassics, and the Deutschland Tour.
At the end of a year, a program is sent out to our members. This program for the current, or, at the end of the year, for the next year can be seen on the home page. Our Team members subscribe for the different events. Our administrators choose the team members to be sent to the different events. The selection is based on the needs of the organizer and the available team member's experience. A good mix of new and experienced bikers is important to ensure the quality of our performance and the education of our new collegues.
New members are guided and supported by experienced ones, their sponsors.

Our years 2020 and 2021
French Championships 2021, 30 French friends and 15 from us
For many clubs and organizations, the year 2020 was deeply affected by Corona.
In 2021, things came back closer to normal.
Most large competitions took place again. Fortunately! Finally!
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  If you are: 
- A serious & experienced Motorcyclist
- Riding in Sun and Rain
 - Riding a suitable Motorcycle
- Not drinking Alcohol or consuming Drugs when driving
- Interested in sport
- Looking for an exciting new Hobby

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