Our year 2023

Before starting into our year 2023, we pubish some photos made by our administrator Mervyn on the Skoda TdL 2015. They show a great fan of the TDL, our former Grand-Duke Jean with Ed Buchette, Andy Schleck and the Grand-Duke's grand children. The Photos were taken in June 2015 in front of the front entrance of his residence Château Fëschbech. The Grand-Duke Jean always watched the TDL when it passed Fischbach.
The season starts with our AG in March. This year, we met in Rumelange and combined the meeting with a visit of the Musée des Mines.
The second event of the year, our Safety days in March and April
Most important: Our safety days. We thank the responsibles of Good Year to allow us to train on their circuit in Colmar Berg!
After a long winter, the safety training is a must for all of us to refresh our moto cycling abilities.
Our season starts with the Grand Prix Francois Faber in end of March. A few of us participate in the Télévie activities in April