Sécurité Moto Presse a.s.b.l. SMP
We make sports events better and safer!

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What we believe in:
The cyclist's security depends on our performance

What we do

While in large pelotons of cyclists, the first rows have a perfect overview of the obstacles they approach, the others see nothing! We whistle to make the "blind" cyclists aware of the obstacle and we show them with a flag which side to pass

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Who we are

We are a group of more or less 60 multinational Motorcyclists, specially trained to increase the safety of cyclists during bicycle races and offer services to the organizers and the press.

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Upcoming Events

Our Program 2023

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  If you are: 
- A serious & experienced Motorcyclist
- Riding in Sun and Rain
 - Riding a suitable Motorcycle
- Not drinking Alcohol or consuming Drugs when driving
- Interested in sport
- Looking for an exciting new Hobby

Then contact and join us
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