About Us
Our Hobbies are Motorbiking and Sports
We combine these two to a challenging occupation.

We have a longtime relationship with organizers of sports events. We mainly service bicycle races but we are also involved in running events, triathlons and others. We do all the services where experienced motorcyclists are needed.

The organizers book us for their event, fixing the number of people they need. We then organize to have the requested number of helpers available. Normally our people are sufficient, but we sometimes request help from our neighbors from Belgium or France.

Most of our tasks are within the borders of Luxembourg, but we are also booked on events outside of our country. Every year, our services are requested by the organizer of the "Deutschland Tour" and the "Hamburg Cyclassics". In 2021 we accompanied the German Championships, helped our French friends during the French Championships and our Belgium colleagues during the "Tour de Namur" and the "Arden Challenge".

At the end of a race, a series of stages, our mission was successful if no accident occurred that we could have helped to avoid.

What we are best at

Our Services

Securing Obstacles
We drive ahead of the race and when we come to an unsecured obstacle, a very sharp curve or any other danger for the cyclists, we act
Drivers for Press, Officials
We drive camera men, photographers. We also drive the organizer's Jury members and safety agents
And much more
We do Time boarding and deviate the vehicles at the arrival.
And here a video from our member Marc, a coproduction Police, Federation and SMP showing the interaction between the Police and us.
Watch this amazing video showing one of us securing an object during a cycling race
Join our member Fernand while he passes a peloton. Not an easy task!
SMP at work
Here, you can see us at work: In front of the peloton one of us is securing an obstacle. The cyclists see and hear him, they reduce the width of the peloton. Three of us are just passing the peloton. Difficult at this place because the peloton swings to the left. The SMP biker showing his flag will remain in place until the peloton has passed. He will then try to pass the peloton as quickly as possible again, knowing that in front is the place where he can do his job.
  If you are: 
- A serious & experienced Motorcyclist
- Riding in Sun and Rain
 - Riding a suitable Motorcycle
- Not drinking Alcohol or consuming Drugs when driving
- Interested in sport
- Looking for an exciting new Hobby

Then contact and join us
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