Our years 2020 & 2021

For many clubs and organizations, the year 2020 was deeply affected by Corona, for us too.
Our year 2021 was a good and successful one.

Our year 2020

Our year 2020 began with a Lock Out in march followed by the cancelation of most of the sports events in Luxembourg and around.
We participated in the Duathlon of Junglinster and that's all. In Luxembourg the Skoda Tour de Luxembourg and the Luxembourgish Championships took place, but we were not invited to participate. And as we do not have much to show here, we invite you to look at this fascinating video on the prolog of the Skoda Tour de Luxembourg a few years ago. Enjoy!

Watch the Video on Youtube
Our year 2021

In 2021, most events took place again. The "Flèche du Sud" was the only major bicycle race that was reported.
We drove the Skoda Tour de Luxembourg 2021 with a very good performance.
The Festival Elsy Jacobs is a highlight in our calendar.
We demonstrated our capabilities during the national championships: One team secured the championships in Luxembourg and a second one helped our French colleagues and then drove to Stuttgart where the German Championships took place.
We worked on the Hamburg Cyclassics and the Deutschand Tour in Germany.
We also helped our Belgish friends in two races of 5 stages: The Tour de Namur and the Arden Challenge.

Festival Elsy Jacobs 2021

The Festival Elsy Jacobs is a bicycle race for professional women. It is part of the UCI Women's ProSeries.
The Video below shows one of the stages, it is quite long. You will see many SMP members doing their job. Watching this video, the responsible of the race security said that the SMP members were "omnipresent". And that's a great compliment for us.

Watch the Video on Youtube 2.5 hrs!

French championships, individual.
We chose to link the women's race here, a short video. If you have a look at this Video, you will see that the winner was secured ................by one of us!

Watch the Video on Youtube
Deutschland Tour 2021
Watch the Video on Youtube
Tour de Namur 2021
Skoda Tour de Luxembourg 2021
There are  short Videos about the stages on Youtube. This one is about Stage 1 and there is a nice scene coming up after 1.15 minutes that shows one of us doing his job.
Watch the Video stage 1 on U-tube