Our year 2022
March 2022, a few pictures about our Safety (Training) Day 1 and the GP Francois Faber in Bech
In April we had our second safety day (training) in Colmar Berg. And then, the season started. Some of us participated in the famous "Flèche Wallonne", some more in the "Liège - Bastogne - Liège".
And in parallel, we worked on the "Arden Challenge", a race with 4 stages in the Belgian Ardennes and one in Wiltz, Luxembourg.
Our April ended with the "Grand Prix Elsy Jacobs", a woman's Pro-Tour race and one of the highlights of the Luxembourg race calendar.
Our personnel film director Marc made a nice video on our safety days activity
And here is a video made with a bicycle camera. As it is linked here, it starts after 3 min. with 4 of us passing the peloton
Above you can see a series of pictures from our friend Frens from the Festival Elsy Jacobs and the Grand Prix Bob Jungels in April and May. Below a selection from the Télévie 7th May 2022. All Fotos of this event can be seen on televie.rtl.lu
Our highlight in May was the "Flèche du Sud", a 5 stage race in Esch sur Alzette.
Extract of the official UCI report about this race:
"Sécurité assurée par 13 motos police, 2 véhicules de police et 18motos civiles. Excellent dispositif. Les motards drapeaux jaunes sont particulièrement efficaces."

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In June we participated in the "National Cycling Championships" in Luxembourg and serviced the "Ironman" in Remich. Beginning of July we secured the "Grand Prix General Patton" and the "Championat des trois Nations".
In August we traditionally have many activities outside of Luxembourg, for example, we participate in the "Tour de Namur" in Belgium, in the "Cyclassics" in Hamburg and in the "Deutschlandtour" in Germany. The picture on the right shows our Deutschland Tour Team of 2022, below you see the team of 2000.
Below: Our Team in Hamburg, Cyclassics 2022
This series of photos from the Deutschland Tour was made by the owner of the "sportfotos.lu" website. Thank to him for allowing us to publish them here!
Traditionally, our season ends with the Tour de Luxembourg in September. In addition we participate in some Belgian races in order to help our friends.
These are the last pictures of the year.